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Here’s a breakdown of some popular open-source e-commerce apps and their reviews:

1. WooCommerce:

  • Popularity: Most popular open-source platform (29% market share)
  • Review: Easy to use, integrates seamlessly with WordPress, huge plugin and theme ecosystem. Can be complex for larger stores or specific needs.

2. OpenCart:

  • Popularity: Popular choice for small to medium stores.
  • Review: User-friendly interface, good flexibility, large community support. Can be slower than some competitors and require more technical knowledge.

3. PrestaShop:

  • Popularity: Strong presence in Europe, flexible and feature-rich.
  • Review: Powerful features, large community, customizable. Can be complex for beginners and require knowledge of French for some documentation.

4. Magento Open Source (previously Magento 2 Community Edition):

  • Popularity: Popular for large, complex stores, offers significant scalability.
  • Review: Highly scalable, rich feature set, active community. Requires significant technical expertise, expensive hosting for high-traffic stores.

Additional factors to consider:

  • Your technical expertise: Choose a platform that matches your comfort level with development and customization.
  • Store size and traffic: Consider platform scalability to accommodate future growth.
  • Specific needs: Choose a platform with features that align with your unique selling proposition.
  • Community and support: Look for platforms with active communities and readily available support.

Always consult your hosting provider about specific software and hardware requirements for your chosen platform.

Remember, choosing the right platform depends on your individual needs and resources. Consider trying demos or exploring further before making a decision.